Finding a Good Hospital Advertising Agency

왜 좋은 병원 광고 대행사를 찾는 비용을 제한하는 위험?

Why is it dangerous to limit the cost of finding an Hospital Advertising Agency that advertises well in hospitals?

“After 2 to 3 months, I get a call only when I talk about the deposit”.
“How can a company that is advertising not come to visit?””
“There are so many places where I think it’s over when you post content”

It’s a real complaint from those who asked us to move the company while working with another hospital advertising agency. However, once you experience this, you will have distrust in the “hospital advertising agency” without your knowledge 의료마케팅

If you pay a lot of money, but you don’t see any effect or complaints, you’ll find a cheaper place, and if you meet a company that has long-term contracts and is increasingly negligent in management, you’ll avoid long-term contracts.

If it’s over here, it’s okay. However, because of the cost, there are many hospitals that are unable to choose a place that is good at advertising in hospitals due to “unconscious prejudice.”



“”What you paid earlier and what you have to pay in the future.””

First of all, when choosing the next company, the director thinks it’s a “mistake that hasn’t been carefully checked,” he will repeat the two costs and decide, “I should choose more carefully,” right?
However, it will not be easy to pay a higher amount in choosing a second advertising agency because of the cost already paid once.

In that case, it gives attention to places with many benefits at the same price, such as cheaper places, places with many services, and places with many events, but on the contrary, agencies with high costs will doubt why they are expensive.

400,000 won for 10.
10 free gifts.
1+1 event.
Why does this lead to a vicious cycle?

​1. Cheap place: The last hold of price competition when it is not competitive.
2. Places with a lot of services: Since this product is not good, service is put forward.
3. Events: Events that do not understand lead to results that do not actually understand.


​Do you think the above three contents are too abstract and subjective?

Then let’s compare it to the hospital.
​Please check if there are any of these hospitals nearby.

​Even if you’re not with the same person, if you look around a little more, you’ll see it right away.
I’m not going to be cheap, have a lot of services, or hold an event for no reason.
I’m not saying that you have to pay a high cost unconditionally.

​I just want you to look realistically and decide on the company objectively.
It is also very difficult for me to choose a hospital from the patient’s point of view. Because of so many ads.

It’s just that it’s really hard for the director to find a good place for hospital advertisements because of advertisements from many advertising agencies.

You can definitely keep thinking of the previously used cost. However, you have to endure it thinking that it never happened in the first place when choosing a place that advertises well in the hospital.

If you put it down for a while and look carefully from an objective perspective, I think you will be able to meet a good hospital advertising agency place and generate several times more sales without thinking of the “cost you thought you lost.” 병원광고

Thank you.