Hospital marketing tip

Hospital marketing what is it?

While working as a 병원마케팅 and oriental hospital marketing writer, I started a blog marketing agency recently, so I looked at it from a different perspective than before.~

First of all, I called the representative number of the hospital, which was a little more inclined among the two selected places.
As I had several chains, I was kind to respond. But my first intention to make a reservation and be hospitalized disappeared. Why was that?

Three key points made me give up.

1)The fact that hospitalization on weekends was difficult because the treatment was over on Saturday and there was no treatment on Sunday (only said it was difficult and there was no guidance after that)

2)When I asked if I should make a reservation on Monday, he said I could make a reservation and just go.

3)He kindly called me again after hanging up the phone and told me that I can be hospitalized if I have to be tested for COVID-19 these days, so I can be hospitalized quickly if I have an examination at a public health center or a screening clinic near my house.


Why did I give up on that?

If I explain why I chose the second hospital, you’ll know. 병원마케팅전문

After talking to the first hospital, I called the representative number of the hospital I had in mind for the second time.
Eventually, I chose this hospital, and for now, this hospital had the strength that it had weekend treatment.

But what I chose was not because of weekend treatment, but because of the person who guided me.

1)When I asked if I could be hospitalized on weekends, he said it was possible and asked. “You must be very sick from the pain of the accident, so should I make an appointment today (Saturday)?”

2)If you want to tell me the available time on Sunday, I will guide you through the available time like O, O, O, O, O, O, and O, and ask for your name and contact information to complete the reservation.

3)Hospitalization will be decided after medical treatment, but if so, guidance will be provided on the necessary areas (outings due to COVID-19, staying out overnight, and visiting will not be allowed).


hospital marketing
hospital marketing

What’s important in that?

​What was the difference between the two hospitals?

Both hospitals were satisfactory in terms of kindness. But in a way, the smallest difference made me change my choice.

1)The first difference.

In the case of hospital 1, he gave me a choice, saying whether I could make a reservation or not. And in the case of hospital 2, he helped me make a reservation by informing me of the available time.​
I was actually calling to find out when I could be treated and how to be hospitalized, but I made an appointment according to the guide of the guide, and is currently being treated at the hospital.^^

2)The second difference.

The number of COVID-19 confirmed patients in Seoul is not decreasing now, so COVID-19 tests are being conducted if most hospitals are hospitalized. However, Hospital No. 1 instructed the patient to go to a nearby public health center. Or screening clinic to get hospitalized quickly without much interest in the condition of the patient who called after the accident.

What I thought from the perspective of the customer was…

I asked if I could be hospitalized on the weekend because I’m sick. Do you want me to go to a nearby examination center for an examination?
It was absurd. Of course, I felt that he guided me kindly according to the manual, but I thought I had to remove such a manual unconditionally.

3)Didn’t hospital 2 need a COVID-19 test?

Of course, it wasn’t it. After treatment, hospitalization was decided, and they informed me that hospitalization is possible only after receiving a negative COVID-19 test.
So, I waited for about 30 minutes after the examination and decided to be hospitalized.



What’s important in changing Hospital marketing purchases?

It’s hard to buy and change purchases.
In the end, the biggest difference between hospital 1 and hospital 2 was whether they thought from the perspective of the injured patient.
The second difference was to inform you of the available time to make a reservation. And induce a purchase transition to make a reservation.
​And I didn’t think there was a need to inform them in advance that they could be hospitalized quickly if they were tested for COVID-19.^^; (my voice didn’t seem to hurt..)I’ll watch it:)

The key to hospital customer response.

It causes a transition to purchase is!

1)Something that sympathizes with customers first.
2)and encourage you to make a choice.

Hospital marketing Nevertheless, it doesn’t feel forced, but it makes you think that you’re being guided kindly.
I’ve heard of it countless times, and it’s encouraging me to change my purchase. But now that I’ve experienced it myself, That’s so touching.