Sales mind : For you

About Sales mind


Are you in business or business right now? Then while introducing my product, What do you usually focus on sales mind?

The majority of people…
“The profit I get from selling this product.”
I only think about it.
How can I sell more 병원마케팅전문? How can I appeal to the good things about my product?

Like this, customers can get their products. It’s common to think only about my interests.
​As a result, I always worry in my mind.

“Wouldn’t I look too commercial?”

In other words, if the focus is on my interests,
Your thoughts can’t be more active.

But Ziggler is…
Sales mind is always…
“The benefits customers will get from using my product”.
He said he focused on it.

In other words, it’s really important where the focus is.

Many people are confident about the product.
The reason why I can’t talk…
If this person buys this, he or she will get…
Because I only think about my interests.

But the benefits that the other person will get…
If the focus is sincere,
What do you think?
If you don’t buy my product, that person will lose money.
You shouldn’t let that person lose money.

Through self-brainwashing and Ziggler’s expression,

“Moral duty”.

It is essential for the sales mind.
​Customers can benefit from buying this product.
I have to make them buy this product somehow.
My moral duty.

You can be satisfied.​

Marketing points from pseudo-religious leaders.
When the police met a pseudo-religious leader,
Do you know what surprises me the most?

“That you think of yourself as a god.”

There’s an important marketing point here.
To sell my products well,
More than anything, you’re the first one to…


I need to persuade them.

Through this book,
ZIGZIGLER’s Sales Mind.
I think I need to learn.

​In what I’m doing right?
If I’m not able to give off a lot of energy,
About the “moral sense of duty” that I talked about today,
I hope you think deeply about it.

I have to fulfill my duty.
The next choice will be left up to the buyer!
This is the core of the sales mind.