Hairline Correction For a More Youthful Forehead

Hairline correction is a cosmetic procedure that can help people who are unhappy with their forehead appearance because of an overly high hairline. It involves lowering the height of the frontal hairline by reshaping the forehead through surgical intervention or through hair transplantation techniques. This is an effective option for both men and women who have a disproportionately large forehead or an overly high hairline that detracts from their overall facial appeal. A disproportionately large forehead or an overly tall hairline can also cause the face to look older than it is and can divert attention away from other attractive features on the face. Genetics and a lack of adequate scalp laxity can lead to a high hairline in both men and women. A reversible surgical solution is available for both conditions.강남헤어라인교정추천

A surgically lowered hairline can make the forehead look shorter by creating a smaller opening in the skin. This can create a more youthful and appealing appearance that makes the forehead look less prominent and helps to camouflage scars from prior surgery or accidents. A reshaping of the forehead can make it look more proportional to the rest of the facial features and can also reduce the width of the eyes and the length of the nose. The procedure can be performed under sedation or general anesthesia and can usually be completed in just one session.

Hairline reshaping can be achieved using either hair transplantation or a surgical procedure called the sub-facial brow lift (SFB). The latter is the most common approach for advancing an overly high female or male hairline and it is typically performed as a same day procedure with very little discomfort.

When performing the procedure, a plastic surgeon will mark a demarcation on the scalp where the new hairline will be located. They will then loosen and move the hair-bearing scalp tissue forward by anywhere from one to three centimeters. Once the new position is established, the surgeon will remove any excess scalp tissue and stitch the wound closed.

The scars that result from the surgery will be hidden behind the hair follicles and they will eventually fade into a natural-looking, unnoticeable line. However, the amount of scarring that is visible will depend on the patient’s individual characteristics and their post-surgical care.

In order to achieve the most natural-looking results, a plastic surgeon should select and design the correct hairline shape. This can be complicated because the hairline needs to be shaped in such a way that it will appear natural and balanced in relation to other facial features. The surgeon must also take into account the patient’s current level of hair loss or baldness, as this will influence the number of grafts that can be used to re-establish the desired hairline.

A reshaping of the forehead requires the use of small groupings of hair follicles, which are then strategically placed so that they will blend in with the surrounding natural hair. This technique is not suitable for patients who have a significant amount of thinning or balding, as the resulting scars will be noticeable.모우다의원