Vitamine Guideline by Pharmacist Y.

Today, I’m going to talk about vitamine guideline after a long time. There are a lot of people who are curious about my number one area of interest. It’s “immunity”.

As the COVID-19 extension and case explosion are confirmed again, how much more attention is paid to his ovary immunity. It includes factors that are too resistant. If you eat it! Or if it’s this much! It can’t be said that immunity improves. But what I can say for sure is that vitamins are at the center of the immune system! So today, I’m going to talk about very basic vitamins. It’s time to find out what vitamin effects are and how much we need for our bodies. It’s not hard if you follow along well.^^


Everything about vitamins

1) The history of vitamins that began 100 years ago.

Vitamin that first surfaced as a result of Dr. Hopkins’s study at the Cambridge Institute of Chemistry.
-In addition to protein, fat, and carbohydrates, we found that there are nutrients essential to maintaining our lives.
-. In 1912, Dr. Humk, named “Vitamin” in Poland) in the late 20th century. It has begun to be revealed that vitamins serve as essential nutrients as well as fatigue recovery agents, health functional foods, and treatments. Vitamin efficacy. *Vitamin C: Heart disease, vascular aging, virus defense, and prevention of colds through cancer.

-Ingestion of 1,000 to 10,000 mg of vitamin C reduces infection of all diseases by 25% and various cancers by 75%, drawing attention to mega vitamin therapy.
-Vitamin C prolongs life by bonding protein cells to each other.

*Vitamin B: Maintaining normal nerve function, relieving neuralgia, maintaining healthy heart function, and auxiliary treatment for heart disease patients.

Common sense of vitamine guideline

1)Has vitamin deficiency disappeared in modern times?

– Many factors that promote vitamin intake: stress, air pollution, noise, overwork, lack of sleep, instant food, smoking.
-Brain neurons: The blood concentration of vitamin C reaches 200 times and drops to a quarter under extreme stress.
– People under stress: chronic vitamin C deficiency.
– Food with complicated cooking process. – Food that destroys vitamins.
– Excessive sugar intake: Vitamin B1 deficiency due to active metabolism.
– Drinking due to stress. – Vitamin destruction.
-Instant coffee or favorite food: Remove vitamins from your body.

2) There is a lack of vitamins.

: Chronic fatigue, lethargy.

It affects vitamin A night blindness, skin awakening, and mucous membrane health, making it easier to catch a cold.
Vitamin B-each disease, shortness of breath and endurance, physical and mental chronic fatigue that is easily stimulated and hypersensitive, eye pain and glare phenomena related to vision.

Effect of vitamins by 마케팅프로그램

Vitamin C.
– It is essential for collagen synthesis, which is a basic component of connecting tissues such as tendons, blood vessels, and bones.
– It also plays an important role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters essential for brain function.
– Protects blood pressure and stress by engaging in hormone delivery.
– Lack of adrenaline and steroid hormones can cause problems, destroying blood pressure and blood sugar retention, making it easier to feel tired and making collagen synthesis difficult, causing bleeding in the gums.
-If this condition worsens, you lose your body’s defense and catch a cold easily.
– Inorganic, pregnant women, infants. – Lack of collagen.

Vitamin D.
It helps calcium be absorbed into the body.
– Lack of sunlight makes your skin pale and your bones healthy.

Vitamin E (tocopherol) –
There is a problem with blood circulation, so the ability to maintain body temperature and prevent colds is reduced.
– If you easily get frostbite, gain weight, or have difficulty enduring the cold in winter, you should suspect vitamin E deficiency.

Side effects of taking too many vitamins.

Vitamin A.
– Excessive administration can melt the cell membrane and exfoliate the skin.
Lack of appetite, headache, pharmacist marketer.
– Taking multivitamin drugs, liver oil, and foods containing vitamin A at the same time can cause side effects.

Vitamin D.
– In the case of liver disease or kidney disease, calcium deficiency may occur due to a decrease in the amount of vitamin D through the liver and kidneys. However, overdose causes hormone secretion problems.
-Impact on parathyroid hormone –> Excessive secretion of parathyroid hormone can cause calcium to escape from the bone, weakening the bone, lowering muscle strength, and causing headaches.

Vitamin C.
-Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that does not accumulate in the body and is excreted into urine, so there are no excessive side effects.

vitamine guideline
Vitamine guideline

**Vitamin: Vital + Amin combination.

Vitamin C: Ascorbic acid – stands for anti-scobotic acid
ascorbic acid a-scorbic acid = a (counter) + scurbic = fight scurvy
When scurvy worsens, the heart stops functioning and dies.
The crew on board died of an unknown disease.

Everyone found bleeding in the mucous membranes of the gums or mouth.
-It was found to have occurred due to a lack of fresh vegetables or fruits during the long voyage.
– It’s customary to put lemon in a box.
It’s essential to prevent scurvy.
-Recovery of fatigue, maintenance of physical strength, and anticancer effects are also being revealed.


It helps with diuretic effects.
Pain relief.
Maintaining body temperature.
Helps with brain activity.
Antiviral effect.
– About carcinogens.

Vitamin C is not produced in our bodies.
Glucose is produced by chemically reacting to hepatocytes and humans mutated the genes needed for this last chemical step.

Recommended intake of vitamin C: 60 mg/day

– However, non-human animals consume 40-400 times more vitamin C per day than humans, so our current vitamin C intake is seriously insufficient.
– A long time ago, humans took an average of 2.3 kg of vitamins per day through fruits. This is about 40 times the recommended intake.
Therefore, you should take good vitamins through food or nutritional supplements.

Do processed foods have vitamins? 

** Vitamin effects of processed foods.
-Orange Juice: It comes in the form of concentrated fruit juice, which is almost destroyed in the process of making concentrated fruit juice.
The remaining vitamin C is also oxidized by receiving light during the distribution process.
-Drink or food with vitamin added: It is useless if the amount is too small or contains a lot of other additives.

Today, we learned about the approximate vitamin efficacy.
In the case of water-soluble vitamins, it is effective to take enough because it is absorbed only as much as necessary and discharged into the urine.
Vitamins that have a lot of influence on maintaining vitality in all cells in our body!
Next time, we will learn how to properly take vitamins and general questions.