Hairline Correction – Improve Your Facial Balance With Hairline Correction

Hairline Correction – Improve Your Facial Balance With Hairline Correction

Hairline correction is a procedure that can help you improve your facial balance by lowering the height of your hairline. It is a common problem for some people, especially women, to have a hairline that is too high and can create an appearance that is disproportional. It can be a problem that is caused by genetics or by other factors such as hair loss, a traumatic event, or even previous surgery. It can cause self-consciousness and often leads to the use of camouflaging hairstyles to hide the problem. The good news is that there are a number of options available to correct this issue, and they can be very effective in improving the overall balance of your face.

The hairline is a major defining feature of your face and can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. A high or receding hairline can be distracting and cause the eyes to focus on this area of the face, and it can also make your forehead seem larger than it is. Having a high hairline can also cause you to feel self-conscious about your facial features and can negatively impact your confidence. Fortunately, a number of techniques exist to reduce the size of the forehead and lower your hairline to a more natural appearance.강남헤어라인

Hairline lowering surgery is one of these procedures and is known by the medical term “frontal reduction.” This procedure involves placing follicular unit micrografts to reposition your hairline to a more desirable position. Hairline lowering can be performed as part of a scalp reduction or forehead reduction surgery. Typically, the surgeon will draw the new demarcation of your hairline before making an incision to loosen and move the hair-bearing scalp tissues to a different location. The surgeon can usually reposition the hairline by up to 2.5 cm in one surgical session.

After a hairline is repositioned, the surgeon will need to connect the new area of the frontal scalp with the rest of the head. This is done using the “A point,” or the point that defines your new frontal scalp area. The surgeon will then connect this point to the “C point,” or your existing forehead structure, and finally to the “S point.”압구정모발이식

It is important for the A point to be connected to the C point because this creates a natural, more balanced look in the frontal area of the face. However, the A point should not be moved directly up to the C point because this can produce a “doll-like” appearance and does not match the typical female facial structure. A better option is to create a wavy or curved line at the A point and have it connect to the C point with an S pattern.강남헤어라인

Another factor to consider is the elasticity of your scalp’s skin. If the surgeon feels that the skin cannot stretch enough to lower your hairline by a certain amount, a two-stage procedure may be necessary. The surgeon will place a tissue expander underneath your scalp and over the course of several weeks, this will gradually stretch the skin until it is sufficient to perform a hairline lowering surgery.