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Specialized in delivering tteokbokki

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Tteokbokki is one of the most popular Korean street foods, and it’s even more famous in the U.S. thanks to the popularity of the wildly successful Korean pop band BTS and singer Jimin’s recent Instagram post with this dish. E

There are a variety of tteokbokki styles, but all share the common trait of soft, chewy rice cakes coated in an addictive spicy red sauce. This classic Korean dish is a comfort food that’s hard to resist. 프랜차이즈

The tteokbokki dish is available at many korean restaurants, as well as in Korean grocery stores and markets. It can also be purchased at a number of pre-packaged stores, which is a great option for those who have no time to cook.

If you’re interested in trying tteokbokki, it’s best to get the right ingredients before you start cooking. Some of the staples you’ll need include gochujang, a fermented Korean red pepper paste, and gochugaru, a powdered Korean chili powder.

Alternatively, you can use black bean paste for a slightly less spicy option. In addition, you can substitute the fish cake and anchovy stock for water or vegetable stock.

Tteokbokki can be made in a variety of ways, but it typically involves cooking long cylinder-shaped rice cakes called garae-tteok. These can be found in the refrigerated or frozen section of any Korean grocery store.

Add the rice cakes to a pan with the tteokbokki sauce, and stir gently until they begin to turn soft. Keep stirring until the rice cakes are cooked, and the tteokbokki sauce thickens and looks shiny, about 10 to 15 minutes.

Once the rice cakes are cooked, remove them from the pot and let cool. Then cut them into strips, and place them back in the pot with the rest of the sauce.

The sauce is made with a combination of gochujang, a fermented red pepper paste, sugar, and soy sauce, as well as garlic. It’s savory, spicy, and has a subtle sweetness to it.

In addition, you’ll want to add some radish, which is very flavorful and a great base for the sauce. You can eat it on its own, or pair it with ramen noodles and fish cakes.

You can find gochujang and a packet of anchovy stock at most Asian grocery stores. You can also use dashi, which is a Japanese stock made with bonito flakes and dried kelp.

Anchovy stock packs are another option, and they work a lot like dashi, adding a deep umami and flavor that you won’t get if you just use water. You can buy them at most Asian grocery stores, as well as online. 청년다방

Depending on the style of tteokbokki you make, it can also be served with a variety of accompaniments. Some of the more traditional tteokbokki recipes call for boiled eggs, fish cakes (eomuk), ramen noodles, and other ingredients.

For a creamy version, you can mix heavy cream into the rice cakes before they cook. The result is a dish that’s rich and creamy, and can be served with vegetables or cheese. You can also substitute the fish cake and anchovy broth for water or vegetable stock, if you are vegan or vegetarian.