Buying Used Lens Sales Online

Used lens sales

Buying Used Lens Sales Online

Whether you’re looking for a bargain on the latest mirrorless lens or a classic Nikon zoom, it’s important to do your homework. There are plenty of online used gear sources — both brick-and-mortar stores and marketplaces such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace — but it’s not all created equal. Ultimately, it’s best to buy from a store that specializes in camera equipment and has a reputation for quality. KEH (pronounced “k-eh”) is one such site that has a great selection of lenses and is Shopper Approved by our panel of experts. Its lenses are rated from “Poor” to “Mint,” and additional details, such as filter threads, shutter count, and condition notes, are provided for each lens.중고렌즈

If you’re buying from an individual, it’s best to meet in person and inspect the lens thoroughly. Make sure it’s a clean, working lens with no signs of damage. Be especially careful about scratches and dents — even minor ones can negatively affect the optical quality of a lens.

It’s also helpful to find out if the seller has any reason for selling the lens, which could point to hidden issues. Ideally, the seller will let you test the lens on your camera body and demonstrate how it works. And if they’re reluctant to allow this, it’s probably best to move on to another seller.

Look for any signs of fungus or mold, which can be hard to detect without a microscope. If you see any, walk away, as these organisms aren’t just a pain to deal with; they can be detrimental to your camera and other lenses that are attached to it.

Be sure to check the lens’s filter threads, as well, since it’s not uncommon for them to have been damaged or worn down over time. And check the focusing and aperture rings, making sure they snap into place easily and are free of dust or dirt.

When purchasing from a store, ask how the seller intends to ship and pack the lens. For example, will it be in a case or will it come in its original box? Make sure you know this in advance, as it can affect your shipping costs.

Finally, when purchasing from a website, read the return policies carefully. Some sites offer generous returns, while others, such as MPB, have in-store warranties — imagine how frustrating it would be to buy an expensive used lens that didn’t work properly.

While not the largest of the sites we reviewed, B&H has a nice selection of lenses. Their ratings are a bit more strict than those of the other sites, with a range from “Like New” to “Bargain Grade.” This is a good way to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for. And their selection is easy to browse, with all of their products broken down into clear and specific categories. You can search by manufacturer and even narrow down your options based on the model of camera you’re using.럭키카메라